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How to update your personal info, payment, and reset your password.
To update your personal details
Visit “Account Summary” under your profile
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How to delete your personal information and remove billing details.
We're sorry to see you go. If you'd like to deactivate your Kepmov account, please contact us through our Facebook Messenger and we'll be happy to assist your further.

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While we do not currently offer phone support, our Customer Experience team is available online via our Messenger. You can also reach us by messaging us on Facebook or emailing us directly at support@kepmov.com!


Accepted payment methods and currency
At this time, we accept PayPal,credit or debit card payments. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB, American Express, and Diners Club.

All of our online prices are shown in US Dollars. International pricing is determined by the exchange rate of your bank or credit card in your country versus the American dollar. All displayed prices (such as £GB) are an estimate based on that day. For the most accurate cost after exchange rate and fees, we recommend comparing the listed price to your country’s currency before purchasing.

How to cancel a processing order
Store orders are processed for shipment within 1 hour from the time of purchase.

We do our best to answer all cancelation requests as quickly as possible; however, due to our order volume and processing times, we cannot guarantee cancellation of an order after it has been placed, even if contacted within these timeframes.

Please note we cannot make any edits to the contents of a store order once it has been placed.

To cancel an order, please refer to your order confirmation email and click the “Edit your address” button to send us your request. This is the preferred way to send any cancel or change requests and ensures the fastest response time.

You can also contact us for help — just include the name and email address associated with your Kepmov account or the order number.

We will process the cancelation as long as the order has not already been shipped. Either way, we will reply to your message to confirm.

Interested in becoming a wholesale partner? Start here.

We currently limit the number of items that can be purchased through our web store. For wholesale order requests, please email support@kepmov.com.


The doctor recommends cleaning your teeth every 3-6 months.
How can we take care of our oral cavity economically and conveniently without leaving home?
In Kepmov's many researcher centers, Sunuo the dental care team proposed the idea of Leisure Dental, namely turn the relatively uncomfortable and nerve-racking dental care into a more soothing, relaxing Smile Project. In the core perception of Sunuo, the mouth is seen as the Origin of Wonderful Enjoyment.
Why? We use our mouth to taste the world, to express our love, and to depict our dreams. So Sunuo pushed a big step of dental care forward with tooth cleaner and irrigator which are currently the 2 mainstay care solutions.
Sunuo's core idea is to modify people's understanding of dental health and dental habit. It is no longer about flossing the teeth after a meal, rinsing the mouth with Listerine and brushing the teeth twice a day.
Instead technology-oriented dental behaviors are the mainstream in the future and can make those Wonderful Things Cooler.


Finding the status of your shipment
Your order shipment status can be tracked on your Kepmov profile page, or by using the tracking number provided in your shipping email (we’ll send this once your order has been sent out).

To track your shipment status within your profile area, you can visit your “Order history” tab.

Please note that the tracking number may not be provided in all refill shipment emails.

If you experience any shipping issues, please contact us within 30 days from the date of shipment. We also recommend contacting your local post office for more delivery details. After 30 days, we cannot reship (or refund) an order that is already shown as delivered.

Due to COVID-19, you may begin to see transit delays of up to 10-14 business days worldwide. You may have restricted deliveries in your areas due to increased security measures, which would cause our shipping partners or your local postal offices to hold your parcel(s).

Please note that it may take a few days for tracking information updates to appear after a package is scanned by USPS. If you do not receive an update after 10-14 business days, please contact USPS directly for further assistance. Our support team is unable to track packages once they are being processed by these delivery services.

While we correctly provide all required customs information on our shipping forms, your order may be subject to customs and VAT charges outside of our control. Please be aware that Kepmov cannot be held liable for additional charges accrued by our local customs or postal service. If you have any concerns, we would recommend checking your local regulations, particularly if you are located in the EU due to recent policy changes.

International delivery times may vary from country to country, so we are unable to guarantee, control, or affect these estimates once your package reaches the destination country. Most, but not all, countries continue to track packages beyond landing. Please contact your local provider or carrier for more information.

Due to COVID-19, you may begin to see transit delays of up to 10-14 business days worldwide. You may encounter restricted deliveries in your area due to increased security measures which would cause our shipping partners or your local postal offices to hold your parcel(s).

Warranty & Returns

What is your return/refund policy?

We hope you find Kepmov products to be as enjoyable and comfortable to use as we do, but understand that personal preference is key in being a part of your daily routine. If you decide that you’d like to return your Kepmov product, please contact us to initiate a return within 30 days of purchase. Please do not attempt to send back your Kepmov order without contacting us first.

We can provide a full product cost refund (less any incurred shipping costs) within 30 days of purchase. Email us to confirm our return address and an RMA number for your package. Return postage is not included, but if you’d like a prepaid shipping label, we can issue one and deduct the cost from your refund: $5 for one , $10 for two, and $15 for three-four maximum.Before you ship, please record your personal tracking number or request a tracking receipt as we cannot issue a refund for lost items without proof of tracking.

We can also provide a full product cost refund (less any incurred shipping costs) for orders within 30 days of purchase. Return postage is not included, and we are unable to issue international prepaid shipping labels. Before you ship, please record your personal tracking number or request a tracking receipt as we cannot issue a refund for items we do not receive.

Oral Care Advice

How to care for sensitive teeth
Sensitivity means your teeth react to stimuli more than normal. It isn’t just a random toothache or pain, but the outcome of something else your mouth is being subjected to. The most common types of stimuli for tooth sensitivity are temperature, touch, biting or pain on percussion (pain when hitting your tooth against another object). Some people even have sensitivity towards the type of foods they eat, specifically if they’re sugary, acidic or salty.

The widely accepted form of treatment is using a toothpaste that can help desensitize. It’s important to ensure your toothpaste always has fluoride in it — even if desensitizing. But this treatment doesn’t get to the core of the problem, because desensitizing toothpaste acts as a pseudo-painkiller and temporarily blocks the pain signals to the nerve of your tooth It’s a good short term solution for many, and a good long term solution for the cases in which sensitivity may be genetic (it could be genetic if you’ve always had sensitive teeth since you were a kid). But it shouldn’t be the only way you combat sensitivity.

If you grind or clench your teeth at night, (often diagnosed by your dentist during a check-up) you should ask about getting a custom mouthguard. Paying attention to the foods you eat and your oral microbiome can help, too.

Nervous about your next trip to the dentist? We've got you covered.
Many of us have anxiety about visiting the dentist. Some reasons for this fear make sense... like the natural instinct of not wanting objects inside of our mouths. Here are some tips to keep you from gritting your teeth in the waiting room.

Say You’re Anxious
Before your hygienist starts cleaning your teeth or your dentist starts poking around in your mouth, you should be open with them about your fear. Dentists and hygienists learn how to comfort more anxious patients in dental and hygiene school, and you should let them use what they learned to make you feel more comfortable!

Read Good Reviews
If you’re going to a dental office for the first time, or even if you’ve been before and need to be reassured, it’s always a good idea to read good reviews. Better yet, you can ask them if they’re a Kepmov-verified dentist, which means they’re in our network of trusted dental professionals.

Think: It’s No Big Deal. Because It Really Isn’t.
People with a fear of flying sometimes calm down by recognizing that pilots fly planes every day, and that there are thousands of flights around the world every day. You can think the same for dental professionals: this is something they’ve done many times and continue to do every day.