About Kepmov

We care what you care

Kepmov was founded in 2017 by three engineers who saw the opportunity to modernize the personal health and hygiene industry using technology. The envision was to call up people’s attention on personal care in the Z-generation. After 4 years of trials in researches, Kepmov has not only popped novel health care concepts into the market but also pumped a strong momentum into the gimmick-dominant industry with its edgy Internet of Things.
In Kepmov's many researcher centers, Sunuo the dental care team proposed the idea of Leisure Dental, namely turn the relatively uncomfortable and nerve-racking dental care into a more smoothing, relaxing Smile Project. In the core perception of Sunuo, mouth is seen as the Origin of Wonderful Enjoyment. Why? We use mouth to taste the world, to express our love and to depict our dreams. So Sunuo pushed a big step of dental care forward with tooth cleaner and irrigator which are currently the 2 mainstay care solutions. Sunuo's core idea is to modify people's understanding of dental health and dental habit. It is no longer about flossing the teeth after a meal, rinsing the mouth with Listerine and brushing the teeth twice a day. Instead technology-oriented dental behaviors are the mainstream in the future and can make those Wonderful Things Cooler.
In the seeable future, Kepmov is still ambitious and will launch other brands and sub-categories of products in personal care market ranging from skin care solutions, ear care products, internal health care and more. They want to empower the whole personal care industry with technological, intelligent and visible products which can make personal care a leisure and graceful routine of life.“We want to boost the industry with our steps, but we know this is a long-lasting journey which requires continued input. Kepmov aim at height while do within eyesight.”Co-founder Terry said it true.

As a leading pioneer in this promising market, Kepmov was fulfilling, is fulfilling and will still be fulfilling their promise: We care what you care!