Dental plaque

Visually remove dental plaque to help keep teeth healthy

Tooth dirt

Gently remove the tooth dirt and food residues, keeping your teeth gaps and surfaces clean


Bring you a visual experience, complete the cleaning safely by yourself

SUNUO T12 Visual Dental Cleaner

The teeth cleaner designed by professional dentists can be used safely on the gums, you can clean your teeth at any time, just starting from $59.99!

● 5MP HD Visual Endoscope Camera
● 2 Replaceable Clean Headers
● 3 Clean Modes
● Made by Titanium Alloy

The Problem

● Yellowing of teeth due to long-term smoking and drinking.
● It can be difficult to floss and brush clean your teeth.
● Food residue left too long can deteriorate your teeth and would necessitate costly replacement.
● Cleaning around dental gap is extremely important but can be very tricky.
● Peri-implantitis can threaten the health of your teeth if there is poor hygiene.

The Solution

● Two changeable needles help you to deal with different dental problems more precisely.
● Professional vibration can help deeply clean the teeth and stain problems on the surface of the teeth.
● More than 100,00 people have already used and recommended the visual smart scaler cleaner, which can bring you more convenience.
● Keep your oral clear by regular use the SUNUO T12 visual ultrasonic dental scaler.