Dental plaque

Visually remove dental plaque to help keep teeth healthy

Tooth dirt

Gently remove the tooth dirt and food residues, keeping your teeth gaps and surfaces clean


Bring you a visual experience, complete the cleaning safely by yourself

SUNUO C3 Visual Smart Water Flosser

A mild and low-noise water flosser can help you solve the troubles of tartar without friction with your teeth. Combined with UV disinfection, it can protect your teeth from damage and disinfect your mouth at just $79.99!

● 5MP HD Visual Endoscope Camera
● High-pressure Pulse Water Flow
● 3 professional configurations, with APP control power
● Nozzle Water Tank with UV Sterilization Function

The Problem

● Just brushing your teeth with toothpaste isn't enough to remove the daily bacteria buildup.
● Cleaning your teeth after meal when go out is embarrassing and inconvenient.
● Residue left in the mouth after eating food that is not cleaned promptly can breed bacteria and cause bad breath.
● Food is left in the crevices of your teeth, making you feel unpleasant.

The Solution

● SUNUO C3 pro visual smart water flosser have mild mode, standard mode, SPA mode, for different gum sensitivity of people to switch.
● Built-in zero-friction movement elastic pump, with 140PSI rinse water pressure.
● The spray of water uniformly gentle and powerful, do not hurt the gums, easy to get rid of dental stains.