Dental plaque

Visually remove dental plaque to help keep teeth healthy

Tooth dirt

Gently remove the tooth dirt and food residues, keeping your teeth gaps and surfaces clean


Bring you a visual experience, complete the cleaning safely by yourself

SUNUO Find X Ear Cleaner

● The camera can be raised and lowered intelligently to accurately find foreign objects and facilitate cleaning.
● Support multiple functions, picking ears, picking teeth, squeezing acne, all with one machine.
● 500W high-definition camera, you can see the location of foreign objects clearly through your mobile phone.
● Diversified accessories to meet your various needs.

The Problem

● When you dig your ears, you always need help from others, so you don’t dare to do it yourself for fear of ear injury.
● Clean the ear yourself is always unable to accurately know the location of foreign objects.
● Facial acne and blackheads continue to be problematic, and I want to clean my skin accurately.
● After a meal, there will always be foreign bodies in the teeth that are difficult to clean.

The Solution

● 500W high-definition camera, clearly show your internal dirt.
● Easy to visualize, connect to the app to use.
● One machine can be used in various scenarios, digging out ears/squeezing acne/cleaning teeth.
● Simple operation, changing heads with different functions can meet your different needs.